Corporate Restructuring Services

Corporate Restructuring is a collective term for a variety of transactions like Merger, Amalgamations, Acquisitions, compromises, arrangement or reconstruction. Corporate Restructuring is required due to change in the organisation structure or business model of the company or to make financial adjustments to assets and liabilities. Company restructure for variety of reasons like to enhance shareholders value, orderly redirection of the firms activities, deploying surplus cash from one business to finance profitable growth in another, exploiting inter-dependence among present or prospective businesses, risk reduction, development of core-competencies, to obtain tax advantages by merging a loss-making company with a profit-making company, to have access to better technology, to become more competitive, to increase the market share. Restructuring aims at exploiting the strategic assets accumulated by a business i.e., monopolies, goodwill, exclusivity through licensing, etc. to enhance the competitiveness advantages. So, restructuring helps in bringing an edge over competitors.

Our services:

  • Planning and strategy formulation
  • Due Diligence
  • Documentation
  • Valuation of Business and Assets
  • Regulatory Approval and compliance
  • Appearance before Regulators

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