Merger and Acquisition-Legal Services

We provide full range of Corporate Restructuring Services viz. Compromises, Arrangements, Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Demergers & Slump Sale, Business Sale, Joint Venture, Strategic Alliance, Reverse Merger, Disinvestment; Financial Restructuring (Buy-back, Alteration & Reduction).

We provide advisory & opinion services related to Corporate Restructuring Viz. Transaction Structuring, Transaction advisory & Regulatory Matters.

We also provide the Planning & Strategy services related to corporate restructuring viz. Case Studies pertaining to M&A Restructuring; Funding for M&A, Studies of Judicial Pronouncements, Planning relating to acquisitions & takeovers, Protection of minority interest, Succession Planning, Managing Family Holdings through Trust.

We provide services related to M&A Due Diligence, M&A Structure finalization, Post transaction integration.

We provide Documentation services related to Corporate Restructuring viz. Drafting of Scheme, Drafting of Notice and Explanatory Statement & Drafting of application & Petition etc.

We provide Valuation services of Business and Assets for Corporate Restructuring viz. Valuation principles & techniques for Merger and Amalgamation, Slump Sale, Demerger, Principles & Techniques of Reporting, Relative valuation and Swap ratio.

We provide Accounting services in Corporate Restructuring viz. Methods of Accounting for Amalgamations – AS-14/ IndAS 103, Treatment of Reserves, Goodwill, Pre-Acquisition & Post-Acquisition Profit, Accounting in Books of Transferor and Transferee, Merger and De-Merger, Acquisition of Business and Internal Reconstruction.

We provide services related to Taxation & Stamp Duty aspects of Corporate Restructuring viz. Capital Gain, Set-off and carry forward under section 2(14) of Income Tax Act, Deemed Dividend, Payment of Stamp Duty on scheme, payment of stamp duty on movable and immovable properties.

We provide services related to Competition Act aspects viz Determination of combinations and any appreciable adverse effect.

We also provide services related to IPR aspects of Corpoarte Restructuring viz. Trademark, Copyright, Design, Patent etc.

We also provide regulatory approvals of scheme viz. from CCI, Income Tax, Stock Exchange, SEBI, RBI, RD, ROC, OL and Sector Regulators such as IRDA, TRAI, etc.

We provide representation service related to Corporate Restructuring viz. appearance before NCLT / NCLAT.

We also handle Fast track Mergers related to Small companies, Holding and wholly owned companies.

We also handle Cross Border Merger.

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