Labour Laws-Legal Services

We provide complete labour law advice & opinion services related to transaction advisory, transaction structuring & regulatory matters. We provide day to day advisory support to management, projects and other critical labour problems. We give legal advice services to our clients, so that they remain compliant with the labour laws regulation legal applicable on them regarding staff recruitment, training and human resources development.

We streamline and channelize employee training of various kinds applicable to the organisation.

We provide complete registration and licensing service under labour law viz. Provident fund, ESI, Contract Labour, Building and other Construction Worker, Inter-State Migrant Workmen etc.

We provide complete approval services applicable under labour and employment laws.

We provide complete compliance services related to labour laws viz. Provident Fund, ESI, Contract Labour, Professional Tax, Labour Welare Fund, Gratuity, Bonus etc. We assist and help the organizations to find out the number of laws which are applicable to them at the first place.

We provide labour laws Audit and Due Diligence services applicable on organisation under various acts like Factories Act, Shop & Establishment Act, Provident Fund, ESI etc. We also do Audit of Contractor, whether they are complying with the applicable labour and industrial laws, on behalf of principal employer. Under this, we conduct comprehensive scrutiny of applicable central/state laws governing the organisation.

We provide Certification services under various labour and industrial laws for the factories, shops and commercial establishments etc., in regards to labour laws compliance.

We provide complete drafting services under labour laws viz. Offer letter, Appointment letter, HR Policy, HR Manual for applicable labour and employment laws on organisation etc.

We provide representation and appeal services to various fora like Tribunals and High Court, under labour and industrial laws viz. Industrial Disputes, ESI, Provident Fund, Trade Union etc.

We provide retainership services for labour and employment laws to organisation.

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