Insolvency and Bankruptcy-Legal Services

Advisory services for Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Consultation-Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We provide full range of transaction and regulatory advisory services under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code viz. Corporate Insolvency, Fast Track Insolvency, Compulsory Liquidation and Voluntary Liquidation.

Representation and Appeal Services for Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Representation and Appeal-Insolvency and Bankruptcy

We provide full range of representation and appeal services viz. National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT). We file applications to the NCLT on behalf of our clients.

Secretarial Services for Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Secretarial Services-Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Drafting Services

We provide full range of drafting services viz. public announcement, proof of claim, affidavit, reporting consultation with stakeholders, ledger, register of assets, securities and investment register, register of book debts and outstanding, tenants ledger, suits register, decree register, claims and distributions register, contributory ledger, distributions register, fee register, suspense register, documents register, books register.

Assistance to Resolution Professionals

We provide full range of support to Resolution Professionals(RP) in his day to day operation of the company and LLP viz. public announcement, identification of assets, information to the related parties, legal support, negotiation support, stakeholders management, execution of RP powers and duties, management of corporate debtors etc.

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