Documentation Services

Legal document plays very important role in day to day life of corporates & individuals. It is important and necessary for doing safe and well legally protected business. Legal documentation may be corporate secretarial documents, agreements or contracts and legal research, every where, it is utmost necessity now a days, either due to law or due to business need.

Secretarial Drafting

A company being an artificial judicial person, takes its decisions through natural persons i.e. directors or members. Members or directors of a company can exercise their powers and can bind the company only when they act as a body at a validly convened and held meeting. The decision-making powers of a company are vested in the Members and the Directors and they exercise their respective powers through Resolutions passed by them. To held a company meeting agenda, notices & resolutions are required and meetings decisions are kept in form of minutes. We provide drafted resolution, agenda, notice & minutes, to our clients, in complete compliance with law.

Contract Management

Today’s world is economized by trade, domestic and international, and this trade is facilitated through contracts either domestic or international entered into by the parties. Drafting of contracts is a different kind of legal writing than other legal documents, under which agreed terms between parties are very clearly specified. We manage the complete life cycle of a contract viz. First draft of a contract, Editing of existing contract, Review and analysis of a contract, Abstraction from a contract. 

Legal Research

In today’s legal world, there are no scope for errors and also little time for carry out quality legal research. We help out Indian attorneys to stay on the top by taking our superior legal research services. We provide top-quality and result-oriented legal research services that leverage our vast experience. We provide 90% ready file, which require our clients to review our work, make any minor modifications, and file. It save precious time and assets by outsourcing your research projects us. Our services includes drafting motions, legal briefs, appeals, memos and discovery responses.

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