Capital Market Services

The securities markets are important for the growth and development economies. The maturity of an economy are decided based on the robustness of securities market of an economy. The main function of the securities markets is to enable flow of capital. Securities market help in transfer of idle savings and resources from one to others who have a productive need for them. Securities markets provide channels for allocation of savings to investments and thereby decouple these two activities. The securities market is governed by various regulations enacted by the competent legislative body and regulating bodies. Due to complexity of legislation, rules, and regulations, a Company is expected to be complied with these legislation, rules, and regulations while its violations leads to severe penalties.

Our Services:

  • Transaction Advisory
  • Public Issue, Listing and Compliance Management
  • Audit & Certification
  • Intermediary Registration
  • Appearance before Regulators
  • Retainership

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